A Continuation

9 03 2011

Over the last few hours, I feel as though I have come to understand two important lessons, which I always understood in theory, but as of recently I haven’t been able to put into practice.

1) Play to your strengths. It’s simple enough. Do what you’re good at. But it might take you a while to be good at something. Or it might take you a while to KNOW you’re good at something. In my case, it has been about focusing less on what other people’s strengths are and more on what I know to be my own strengths. Some of which I have know about for years, some I am still becoming aware of, both of which remain to be mastered. Some are yet to be discovered. This journey is the exciting part.

2 Write what you know. Again, it doesn’t take a whole lot to understand this one. But again, it takes a little wisdom and experience to put it into practice. At some point, you are going to have to write about something you don’t know about. It then becomes your job to learn about it so you can then incorporate it into your writing. Hello! It’s what journalists have been doing since the dawn of time. Learning, observation, travel. These things also can be exciting.

I know these concepts may seem elementary. And they are. They should be. Because they are lessons one should come back to, they should be part of the foundation of our practice. As a practitioner evolves through his or her experience, early lessons can acquire deeper meaning and significance when held in the light of this experience.