Tanzania Arrival

1 06 2011

After 25 hours of travel I am finally laying down in a bed. I can’t really call this post Day 1 because we landed at 9:30 pm and, due to some bags that didn’t make the connection in Amsterdam and a customs snafu, didn’t get out of the airport until midnight. Some for now I’ll keep it short, and leave you with a journal entry I wrote while waiting for the customs situation to settle. The entry itself references an older entry, in the case of any confusion.

“Read from my post from 3/24 just now:

‘It’s hard to feel enthusiastic about my career currently when friends have great things going on and I am bringing no income…’

Ha! Currently I am sitting at customs at the airport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania while we are waiting to find out if we can bring our equipment with us. We have been traveling for 25 hours. Some of us don’t smell so hot.

Damn! When I wrote that (on 3/24) I had no idea how April was going to be (it was profitable)…and I obviously didn’t picture myself here.”




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