Second Chances

9 04 2011

The Secret works. At least it did this time. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve read (most of) it. After yesterday’s fiasco, and the writing of part one of this meditation, I was filled with passion by the realization of a golden opportunity lost, the bitter taste of my own decision (or sour stomach, as it were). Desires are seldom this clear: and I knew that if I ever had the chance again, I would take that job in half a heartbeat. My soul screamed it so loud, the universe must have covered its ears.

At 11:56 AM the same universe silenced me with a text. Did I still want the job? It took my breath away, in fact, the lack of air shut my soul up for a second. And then elation, acceptance, and calm took over.

It happens. Having the patience to recognize it is crucial. You can take or leave The Secret. It’s the visualization that’s essential to the process. Knowing exactly what you want, and focusing on that with your third eye. Belief full and unwavering.




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