Double Booked

8 04 2011

The business end terrifies me, and I don’t know why. When faced with multiple offers, I get flustered, my thoughts cloud up, I can’t focus clearly on what is in front of me…and it leads me to poor decisions.

I passed on a solid job today, but I originally thought I was doing it for the right reason: sticking by my commitment to work a previous project. Desperation took over, greed too perhaps, afraid of the unknown, of what I might miss out on. And instead of choosing the known, the solid job, I will miss out. This recognition burns like bad pizza. 

No remedy will alleviate. It hurts too much to sleep. And the decision hurts as well, knowing that my instincts told me something very strong, and I chose the opposite. Instead of pizza, I should have had salad.




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