LAX to SFO Part II

27 03 2011

We made it to Zuni first thing in the late morning. Oysters for breakfast! Finished by lentil soup and a burger. I had a glass of Cabernet Franc, and Julia enjoyed one of Zuni’s famous bloody Mary’s. Our cappuccinos we took from Cafe Trieste across the street. Strong, rich espresso. You can really taste the roasting. This is coffee that tastes as good as it smells. And it’s strong! As strong as it smells like it should be. The froth, more like whipped milk, lasted far longer than the coffee, and it was a treat to eat it with a spoon at the end.

We met a friend in the Mission, and he took us to some great vintage and curio shops where we fell deeper in love with mid-century modern furniture. A couple hours of walking and browsing got us primed for lunch. We stopped by Pancho Villa for a pollo asada burrito with guacamole and pinto beans (not black, very important). Add four kinds of salsa into the bag, and we jumped on BART at 16th and came back to the hotel to chow down. How does LA not have a burrito this good?!

Tonight was spent sharing stories and laughs with old friends, half Julia’s half mine, over clams, pickled onions and rosemary almonds at a local mission eatery. The atmosphere was par, with the ubiquitous, deeply stained wood (which I happen to love) and polished steel. The restaurant also had incorporated two living walls, which I haven’t seen too much of yet in LA but are growing in great popularity up here.

Drinks at Dirty Thieves after dinner were jovial, but everyone was noticeably pooped. A really campy movie played on Syfy on the TV in the corner. It seemed very similar in ways to a horror movie of mine coming out this Friday, and I began to wonder just how successful it would be.

We took another cab home, parting with Calvin and Jeannie, and dropped the Godors at their loft, ending our day of many accomplishments in the Mission.




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