What Am I In For?

9 03 2011

Yesterday I began work on a novel…again. I spent over a year writing on this idea back in the aughts, and it clearly never became of anything. So what possesses me so much about it that I feel compelled to give it another go? Well, it’s almost that it won’t let me go, much like music, which I am ecstatically bound to until the day I die. Every time I thought I had put this silly novel stuff behind me, some new revelation to the story would come my way. I started taking notes, and the elements almost put themselves together. I would have visions during meditation or at the end of a yoga class. But, as always, the hang up was the sheer volume of work required, and the discipline not just for that work, but for working through all the mediocre prose that would inevitably be discarded to unsheathe the final work. How is this all going to come about?

We can blame my ever deepening relationship with WordPress. I wanted to have a blog for a long time. Just for the joy of having the words come out of me again, and seeing them on the page, however digital. The problem was finding a subject that would interest me long enough to maintain an almost daily blog (I love the idea of writing everyday, in fact, I am nearly there, and will have to be to complete the novel!). What happened? I got fed up with the tedium of photography on Facebook. Sure, photography is creative, an incredibly important art in our lifetime, but in the hands of everyone, it’s just like anything else. So I had the idea of taking that image that I might post to Facebook and writing a haiku about it instead. I would do this everyday for a month. Well, I about to hit two months. The plan now is to go a full year, then print up a little flip book with 365 haikus.

This adventure has been a success, so far as catalyzing my creativity. Haikumatic led me here, which I originally wanted to update everyday, but do to work in December, that became harder than I was able to maintain. But alas, I shall not concede to the demons…I’m still here. ENHM has allowed me to stretch my legs, to experiment, not to wander into esoteric lands, but to find a new diction, to test my ability to write clearly, all the while shedding skin to find a new true voice. And it’s there. I found it. My words may read that way or not, for I have no idea of knowing how they come off, but inside, I feel it. And I feel I’ve found the tools I need to write everyday, to work through the ennui, and come out the other end with something complete, something I can hopefully be proud of.

For more on writing everyday, check this:





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