It’s Nice Today

24 01 2011

I had three conversations just about the weather yesterday. Am I really so uninteresting or uninterested that it has come to this? My understanding was that that sort of ennui was reserved for people more advanced in age, who had lived the best and most important part of their lives, whose critical duties involved trips to the supermarket, taking out the trash, going to Church. 

Here I am, still with a long climb towards the zenith of my creative and productive contributions, standing on the sidewalk, a dog leash in my hand, and all I can think of to talk about is how good the sun feels, and, yes, I heard next week will be warmer, and, yes, I think it will get cold and rainy again before spring sets in for good.

What about budget cuts? The state of the union? Production in LA on the upswing? More threatened cuts to public broadcasting? Or even…are you excited for the Grammies? So have you seen Skins yet? Even though those last two lack the intellectual stake of the formers, there exists potential for personal investment in the conversation. But no, leave it to me to be so camera shy as to suggest the most obvious and common subject partaken by humanity since the invention of the sun.

Now, wait. Obvious…yes, but also visceral. Sometimes you just can’t get over how good it feels when your skin is warm. After spending most of the winter so far working in Midwestern states, I can testify to the glory of January in Los Angeles.

Still, the physical comfort and gratification of an early afternoon walk in Mar Vista cannot MASSAGE the wounded pride RESCIND the self-inflicted insults to my intelligence RENEW belief in my wanting social skills or INSPIRE faith and REASSURE that I should have anything to do with communication on a micro or macro level all because I couldn’t  squeeze a topic even only slightly more interesting from my heavily-guarded thought dome they call a cerebral cortex! Well, actually, now that I think about it…yeah it can, just a little bit.




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