Chew On It (Four Micro-Vignettes)

22 01 2011

The value of meditation does not present itself outright. It works underneath its own surface, in a slow, quiet revolution. It takes patience to cultivate patience. For those wanting to see immediate change, this can be the hardest hurdle to success; but, it is also arguably the most crucial.


The body that lends a helping hand can have two faces. It is this simplest of paradoxes that makes it so difficult to listen to politicians, who act like they are in it for us but really their actions are unified behind the central purpose of staying alive politically.


Somewhere there must live a man who has it all figured out. It’s fun to tell myself this, even though it seems like a pass√© subject from one or two decades ago. Maybe that’s because I spent nearly that long trying to figure “it” out. Now I realize that there are people who don’t need to to figure it out, and maybe, from a certain perspective, that IS having it figure out.


The will to complete a massive undertaking, the will to see it through, this is what has escaped me until now, what has kept me from creating something that I myself would consider great. That’s what this blog is for. It’s work ethic boot camp, or maybe more like yoga, as I find myself taking lots of deep breaths and considering the moves (but not too much) as I make them.




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